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Price: $39.00 (Rp 663,000.00)
Availability: Out Of Stock
SKU: GAB-3300
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The Tiny Booster GAB-3300 is a light and compact size glow plug ignitor for Nitro Engines, equipped with a built-in push button and timer function for stand alone usage.

It is also able to operate automatically with the use of a "trigger" optional cable linked to a Hall sensor and also with a Y cable linked to the Hall Sensor plug of standard Nitro Engines Governors / FBL built in Governors.




Input voltage  : 3.2V~16V(1~3 LiPo Cells)

Timer : 12sec Current draw : 0.75A @ 7.4V                      

                                                  0.95A @ 6.0V                     

                                                  1.30A @ 5.2V

Size : 8mm(H) x 17mm(W) x 27mm(L)

Weight : 4g (Main unit)            

               15g (Cable included)




- You can feed power to the Tiny Booster with an external battery ( Lipo  2S 450mAh for example )   to avoid using a receiver channel port, or feed  it with an available receiver channel port  

 (Do not use the signal wire in that case).


- An automatic fuse circuit will prevent circuit loss and protection of the   receiver battery / power supply in case the glow plug would be defective  or in case of short circuit on the glow plug wire or terminals.


- An overheating protection circuit will shut down the Tiny Booster in case  the circuit temperature gets too high (for example with too many repeated  attemps to start a faulty engine / wrong fuel line).

Once the unit has cooled  down, normal operation can be processed.


- The 3 different colors leds will indicate the state of the Tiny Booster.   


RED LED : Glow Plug Ignition 

YELLOW LED : Timer (12sec) 

BLUE LED : Power on



■ Smart Cable Operation (Sold Separatly)


When using the genuine " Smart Cable" from Gryphon, simply plug it to the Hall Sensor of your nitro engine, or to the hall sensor plugof your Nitro Governor / FBL Governor if it has built in governor with a Y cable.

The "Smart Cable" will pick up the Hall Sensor signal and will activate the ignition at a pre determinated rotation speed / starter speed and allow the engine to start. The built in timer will prevent continous ignition of the glow plug after the enging is effectively started.

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