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4.5-35V Input, 3-33.5V Output Step-down Voltage Regulator[10200900]

4.5-35V Input, 3-33.5V Output Step-down Voltage Regulator[10200900]
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SKU: 10200900
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  • This is the LM2596/DC-DC step-down voltage regulator unit.


  • Size: 48x23x12 mm
  • Weight: 10.5g
  • Input voltage : 4-40V (Input voltage need to be higher than output 1.5v or above)
  • Output voltage : 1.5-35V adjustable
  • Output current : constant 2A Max 3A with heat sink), heat sink must be attached when output is over 15W. (heat sink is not included in this unit)
  • All use the SANYO solid capacitors, 36u thicker board, High-Q high-power inductors
  • Efficiency : Max 92%
  • Working temperature :  -40C to +85C  (output power within 10W)
  • Short circuit protection : limit current, auto-resume
  • Switching frequency : 150KHz
  • Minimum voltage difference : 2V (the output voltage is lower than input voltage)

Output ripple:

  • Input 12V Output 5V 3A 60mV (MAX)
  • Input 24V Output 12V 3A 120mV (MAX)

Wrong polarity protection :  No, wrong polarity will burn the PCB directly.
Dynamic respond speed : 5% 200uS

*This device is specially introduced to those experienced DIYers, basic electronic knowledge and DIY/welding skills are required, we are not responsible for damages due to lack of welding skills or wrong wirings etc.

*Check the output voltage and adjust the virable resistor to adjust the voltage if needed before connect to your device.

  • 1 x voltage regulator
  • * Wires are not provided, customers need to weld the input and output wires yourselves, so basic welding skills are required, also wrong polarity will cause severe damage to the unit.



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