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LX0266 - Pinion Slant 11 T - MOD 1 - 600 700

LX0266 - Pinion Slant 11 T - MOD 1 - 600 700
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Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better solution.

In electric helicopters, the pinion / gear interface is one of the most stressed areas during aggressive flight. Listening to the request of pilots, and with a need to increase tooth wear resistance Lynx is pleased to offer you a special heavy duty edition of the T-Rex Slant Pinion.

Pinion tooth wear is one of the most important contributors to gear stripping.

Our new pinions are manufactured from high grade carbon steel, then undergo a specific thermal treatment process to make our pinion extra strong and wear resistant – with no compromise. These Lynx pinions will surprise you!

Lynx offers three different slant pinion – 11, 12 and 13 tooth. Used in combination with the 112T slant main gear, this gives gear ratios of 10.18, 9.33 and 8.16, giving you the possibility to use different motor KV or cell counts.

When used in the T-Rex 600 and 700 helicopters (12 and 13T respectively), the Lynx HD slant pinion was designed to mesh perfectly with the Lynx main gear (LX0261) – with no adjustment required.

Our pinions can also be used with the stock Align main gear (our tooth angle is standard), but due to precise tolerances required the gear mesh may require adjustment. Therefore, when using this combination, we recommend also using the Lynx adjustable motor mount:

T-Rex 600 E Pro - Lynx LX0225 T-Rex 600E Pro - Adjustable Motor Mount

T-Rex 700 E - Lynx LX0260 T-Rex 700E Adjustable Motor Mount

Tip for best performance: To assure the pinion will not move once installed, we recommend using the following Lynx lock compounds:

LX5266 Omicron Thread Locker - High temperature high strength thread lock for the M4x4 set screw

LX5648 Omicron Retaining Compound - High strength bonding to use between the motor shaft and pinion

Pinion Material: Carbon Steel 38CrMo5 + Thermal Treatment (55 HRC Hardness)

Set Screw: Class 12.9 - DIN 916

Weight: 15g

Packing List:

1 x 11T Pinion Slant Mod 1

1 x Set Screw M4x4


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