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Furious FPV PIGGY OSD V2 for Kiss FC

Furious FPV PIGGY OSD V2 for Kiss FC
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Price: $14.95 (Rp 212,290.00)
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SKU: FP-0234-S
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Furious FPV Piggy OSD V2 - Making the Competition Squeal.

Our team at Furious continues to push the boundaries of FPV flight with an obsessive goal of innovation without compromise. As we push the limits of innovation and design, our latest project comes to light, offering massive levels of flexibility, function and space saving goodness.

Enter the Furious FPV Piggy OSD - our latest creation aimed at revolutionizing integration like never before. The Piggy is designed to piggyback onto popular camera systems, such as the HS1177, HS1190, Foxeer and Runcam camera systems. Once the simple integration is accomplished, the Piggy OSD coalesces with the KOMBIN or other favorite FC's, adding incredible levels of programming delight.

Take your favorite camera systems to epic levels of functionality with the Piggy OSD. This system was designed for the ultimate in simplicity and integration, offering all new capabilities that mesh perfectly with your FPV systems in place.

Power consumption of Piggy OSD is 40mA, measured at 16.6V



 - Power input: 5V

- Size : 23.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 MM

- Weight: 1.1 Gram

- Usage: Only for KISS flight controllers.  If you use other flight controller, the unit also can be updated new firmware using FTDI tool 


- New version with smaller size and lighter weight

- Apply new low power consumption chip delivering better performance

- Compatible with flight controls that run Betaflight 

- Ability to configure OSD via Betaflight serialpassthrough

- New design layout can fit with most of FPV Cameras such as:


Runcam Swift 

Runcam Swift 2

Runcam Eagle

Runcam Rotor Riot

Runcam Owl Plus


Foxeer HS1177

Foxeer Night Wolf

Foxeer Arrow

Foxeer Monster

Another cameras:


TBS Zerozero V2

User manual: PIGGY V2 for Kiss FC



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